Our Wedding Website

Wedding planning is in full force now and we are getting ready to launch our wedding website next week. We are using Wedding Wire as our platform because I found it to be the most aesthetically pleasing while providing a lot of information to would-be guests. At first I actually wanted to host it on Squarespace and design it myself but I honestly just do not have time to really pour myself into it so I looked around for a while and it came down to The Knot or Wedding Wire and I decided to go for Wedding Wire.

Once Michael and I found one that we feel suits our wedding most, setting the website was really easy. If you are computer literate, you shouldn't have any problems doing this. What I love about Wedding Wire's designs is that the pages can be somewhat modified. I was able to choose if I wanted each page to be publicly visible or not and I can also control what page I want in which order.

Some might not find a wedding website necessary at all but I think if you're going to be inviting a lot of guests from multiple states and even countries, it's best to provide everyone with a site so that they can stay in the loop. With that said, I cannot believe that our wedding is next year! I'll definitely be blogging about more wedding stuff real soon!