Engagement Party Invitations Sent!

Michael and I have been quite busy in regards to our upcoming engagement party. A lot of things are simultaneously happening and honestly, it may be a cause of stress for other people but I really like the entire process of planning (now that Michael and I are following the beat of our own drum). Actually, our families seem to really like Aperitif, the restaurant where we'll be having our celebration. Last month, we took Michael's parents and my sister there (on different occasions) because we really wanted them to see the type of atmosphere we're going for. We had brunch with his parents there and they seem to really like the food and the space. My sister is in love with it so everything is going smoothly.

That was a bit of a tangent so before I go onto another one, I want to talk about our engagement party invitations! Michael and I both work full time and do not have the time after work to meet with stationery companies so we decided to order our invitations online. I knew from the beginning that we'd order from Wedding Paper Divas. I've seen a lot of YouTubers share their wedding planning experiences and a lot of them highly recommend Wedding Paper Divas. The entire process is very easy and self explanatory. I did not run into complications when I was customizing everything.

The invitation card that we decided to go with has a vintage/rustic look to it which was what we wanted. We were able to change the shape (extra fee) but we decided to keep the font that came with the sample we were shown. We had to option of adding a photo at the back or leaving it either blank or continue the floral print. We decided to insert a photo of us on the day we got engaged (12.13.14). We also had the choice of different paper finishes and thickness but we decided to stick to the simpler one for the engagement party.

Michael and I didn't really have any disagreements when it came to picking the design. We did, however had to figure out if we wanted to just use a special postage stamp from the post office or order customized ones. I really wanted a customized one that fit the aesthetic of the invitation card and event itself. I found one on Zazzle. But I must say- those postage stamps weren't cheap!

There are so many details of the engagement party that I want to talk about in depth but I think I'll save that for the post-event blog post!