Engagement Party is Set!

A lot of progress has been made in the wedding planning department and I am over the moon that our engagement party is set! I mentioned in a previous post that we will be celebrating our engagement at a "cookie cutter" banquet. Guess what? That won't be happening! After giving it much thought, we both said "You know what? It's our wedding and we're going to do whatever we want." We were so lucky that after making that decision, we spotted a new restaurant on Bell Blvd. in Bayside, Queens called Aperitif.

As I previously mentioned, it really caught our eyes when we first saw it. The restaurant's exterior just demands your attention. Michael and I decided to check it out so we had brunch there on a Sunday. I fell in love with the restaurant and its aesthetic. I knew that I wanted to have our engagement party there. After taking a look at their upstairs space, Michael also felt that it was the perfect location to celebrate our engagement. We booked a date for our engagement party that same day. There's really nothing like this restaurant on Bell Blvd. at the moment. The vibe is very current, its decor is modern rustic and their dishes are classic. It can pass as "fancy" but it's also low-key at the same time (am I making sense here?).

Food quality is very important to us and we want to make sure that we picked a place that we can be proud of, so we've been dining there occasionally. We went with my sister for dinner and she really liked it (She's just as excited for the party!). Recently, we went there for brunch (second time) and our experience just solidified our reasons for picking it. We ended up having a lovely conversation with the owner and the bartender about local craft beers (we're so stoked that they now have Rockaway Brewery's ESB on tap!) which led to us getting a complimentary beer and wine package for our engagement party.

I can't believe that it's actually happening! I am so excited to see how it turns out! I have lots of exciting wedding news to share!  If you haven't caught on, I try to update you guys about wedding stuff every month. I am super excited about everything!