Bridal Shenanigans: My First Time Trying On Wedding Dresses!

Writing about wedding dresses is tricky for me because Michael does not want to know anything relating to my wedding dress. He had told me that he wants to be surprised (In his words, "I don't like surprises but there are two kinds of surprises I am okay with: one is seeing you for the first time on our wedding day and the other is finding out the gender of my children."). He has requested to remain spoiler-free until the big day which I'm finding difficult because the first person who I want to talk to about it is him. I guess that's the only down side of being best friends with your husband-to-be. With that said, I really wanted to write about my experience at Kleinfeld Bridal so I decided that I'd remain mostly vague and post a picture of me in a dress that didn't really work for me.

I originally decided to make an appointment at Kleinfeld because of my teenage sisters- they can watch "Say Yes to the Dress" all night. I thought it would just be a great bonding experience for the three of us. I had booked my May 30th appointment back in February. I also learned when I scheduled my appointment, that Kleinfeld requires a credit card number when booking appointments (They charge a $50 no show fee if you don't show up.). I also registered to become an online member so that I can browse through their inventory and bookmark them.

I was accompanied by my bridesmaids to my first ever wedding dress shopping and it was absolutely surreal! Once inside the shop, I felt like I stepped into a sorority house. I've never been in a place with only women. Anyway, we were 20 minutes early and they had us wait in the lobby, by the lounge area. There were about 6-10 different parties of brides waiting with us as well. My bridal assistant was on time and she greeted us ever so warmly- I love her! She escorted us to the fitting room and there, she asked me about the type of dress that I'm looking for, details about the venue and in what season the wedding will take place.

She then told my entourage that they can either wait for me right outside, on the hallway (a more secluded space) or wait for me in the main salon. Of course my bridesmaids wanted to experience the complete "Say Yes to the Dress" shenanigans so they waited in the main salon. My assistant had informed me that she had printed out images of dresses that I bookmarked (which I had totally forgotten about) so that was really helpful for the both of us. My budget is $2,000 and the first dress that I tried on was a Maggie Sortero priced at $1,300 (it's the dress pictured above). Unfortunately, even though the price tag is amazing, it looked way better in photo than on me. It didn't quite flatter me and we all agreed so I moved onto the next one.

The second dress that I tried on was also a Maggie Sortero, priced at $1,700. I REALLY liked it- it had just a touch of beading and it featured delicate lace. It made me look so nice and I felt so pretty in it. As much as I'd love to go into detail about this dress, I really cannot say any more because Michael will have to edit this blog post. The third dress I tried was an ombre lace dress- it was white from the neck and gradually becomes almost a khaki shade toward the bottom. It was a "meh" dress. My sister Grace is obsessed with big poofy princess ball gowns so I had to try one on for her. She said that I looked nice in it but I disagree- I had fun regardless. The last dress I tried was a Sortero and Midgley dress, priced at $2,500 (a bit over my budget). I also cannot go into further details about this particular dress without giving Michael spoilers. Normally, brides get 1 hr. and 30 mins. in an appointment- I was out of there in 40 mins. because I might have found THE dress.

I had so much fun at my first wedding dress shopping experience. The reality of marrying the man of my dreams and my best friend started to really sink in. I cried like a freaking baby!