Wedding Planning Stress: The Struggle is Real

Morganite Engagement Ring

It has been 3 months (to the day) since I have gotten engaged and it has already been a cliche roller coaster of emotions. The weeks following Michael's proposal, we were so busy with the holidays that we didn't really have time to discuss anything wedding related. The only time it came up was when friends and family greeted us with their well wishes. Deliberation about our pending nuptial didn't kick off until mid-January.

I always hear of brides-to-be always being stressed out but I honestly didn't think I would be one of them. I am the kind of person who has a vision of how Michael and I want the day to be. I know what I want and what I don't want. I know what we can afford and have realistic expectations.

What I did not expect were the sudden bursts of opinions. Ever watch Say Yes to the Dress? (Yes, I am guilty), if you do then you know about those people in the entourage who just don't know where to draw the line and forget that they're not the ones getting married. That's what I am currently dealing with. Michael and I originally put down a deposit at The Flushing Town Hall for our engagement party. We were so happy to have found a unique space to celebrate with our families and close friends.

That did not fly with certain individuals though- "How much are you paying?", "What do you get with that price?", "What? You're paying that much just to use the space?"... But in our opinion, the place was the most affordable for the kind of vibe we wanted. We wanted a cool space with a very low-key, casual kind of event. Which was not what certain individuals had pictured. They expect catering, a wait staff with white glove service...

Long story short, we cancelled our event at the town hall and instead having it at a local cookie cutter banquet hall. #FAIL

In addition to all of this, my mother had decided that she'd be the one in charge of "giveaways" (wedding favors). Michael and I had already agreed not to have those for the following reasons: unnecessary use of funds and no one really uses them anyway. If we were to go with party favors, it would something that our guests would actually want like photo souvenirs from the event. But she is insistent and that it would be something small "with your names on it". #FAIL

My mother also thought that it would be a fantastic idea that she choose our wedding rings for us- thankfully, that didn't become a problem because we had already sent images of the ring styles we want to my uncle who will be making our wedding rings. I now have new found respect for couples who actually went through this stuff and resisted the temptation to just elope and stick it to everyone else.