See Your City: The Met Cloisters

I have been wanting to go to The Cloisters for the longest time and I am so happy that I finally got to! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my favorite places in NYC. I can spend all day in there without being bored. I love their exhibits and I love how the interior transports visitors to another era. With that said, when I found out about The Met Cloisters, I immediately knew that I need to go there. 

The Met Cloisters is an entire separate location from the museum's 5th Avenue main site. It is located in Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. The commute might seem intimidating at first but if all subway and bus lines are running, it really shouldn't be a hinder. When Michael and I went over the weekend, it took us almost 2 hours to reach the area (coming from Queens). The bus ride itself was quite a treat for the eyes. Fort Tryon Park is quite high in elevation so there were a handful steep streets. 

It's very easy to spot The Met Cloisters because of its absolute beauty (and the giant signs). This museum will satisfy your architectural and historical cravings. The admission system here works similarly to the Met Museum- visitors are only suggested $25 as an admission fee. I know we all have those days when we can't give in full, but if you are an architecture buff, I strongly recommend that you pay up the $25 because it is so worth it. 

The Met Cloisters isn't as big as The Met in size but to be frank, it is such an eye candy that it really doesn't matter. There are over 1,000 artwork from Medieval West, which includes all of the jaw dropping arches and doorways. I cannot even fully describe the feeling I had when I first stepped into the space. Everything from the walls to the ceilings and windows make me happy. 

Unfortunately, the cafe wasn't open yet when we visited (as it is a seasonal eatery) and most of the plants were still awaiting their bloom. I definitely want to go back in the spring because I just know how magnificent it will be.