Makeup Drawer: Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow Quad

I was browsing through a Rite Aid and I spotted these- it has been a a long while since I last used  Cover Girl eyeshadows (it must have been HS). The colors really attracted me to repurchase. With spring in bloom, the shades in these palettes are perfect! I ended up getting 3 quads. I was so eager to play around with them, as soon as I got home, I opened one and swatched it.

The horror pursued: The formulation of these shadows is too powdery and soft. I did not even dip a brush, only my finger and it immediately broke into tiny pieces. At this point, I was kind of in denial that this was a bad purchase so I still tried to swatch the colors (which I absolutely love). The color pay off is poor- I took me at least five swatches to even see anything with the lighter shades. The peachy-coral color is what made me get the palette in the first place and luckily, it was okay (powdery but it's buildable). I also think that the darkest color could be more pigmented.

The verdict- won't be repurchasing