Makeup Drawer: LORAC California Dreaming Eyeshadow Palette

You guys know how hard it is for me to go into Sephora or Ulta and not get anything but I think I'm doing okay. Lately, most of my makeup purchases have been drugstore items (I'm obsessed with Wet N Wild's Photo Focus line). But I was recently at an Ulta- purposely looking for the Fiona Stiles display but unfortunately didn't find it. I was pretty bummed and I didn't want to leave the store empty handed. After circling the store for what felt like hours, I decided to get the California Dreaming.Eyeshadow Palette from LORAC.  

I don't have any of the LORAC Pro Palettes but I've such great things about them. I was actually torn between getting this palette or one of the Pro palettes but the price point of the California Dreaming Palette definitely pushed me towards getting it. I really appreciate palettes that aren't a part of any series and that element about this particular palette also made me want to get it. Not to mention, I found myself attracted to the colors in this palette, 

According to the brand, the California Dreaming palette was inspired by "chunky sweaters and jewels, wind and white plush clouds, the glow of the sun and your toes in the sand." It's totally easy to see how those things can inspire someone and I think that LORAC was able to execute those inspirations into the colors of the palette. With that said, I still don't know how I feel about the packaging. The packaging is similar to the LORAC Pro Palettes- it's cardboard and it has a decent size mirror inside. That part is okay, my confusion is with the images on the actual palette. When I think of 'California dreaming', a lot of sunshine comes to mind, not snowflakes or hot toddies. 

Putting that aside, I do like this palette. It's travel friendly without being tiny. It has 12 shades Most of them are matte shades and a few are shimmery shades. All of them are buttery soft. Not all shades share the same consistency and pigmentation. I find the lighter shades to have a powdery application and I like the darker shades better. My favorite shade in the palette is a shimmery rose gold color called 'Kitty Cat'. The pans are a little bigger than the ones in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. 

I like this palette, although it certainly isn't my favorite ever.