Makeup Drawer: MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Over the weekend, I picked up a few makeup items at the drugstores and this MUA nude palette was one of them. I was at a CVS and actually, I had gone there specifically for Milani and MUA products. One of my friends used to work at a CVS and I remember that they carried a lot of cool makeup stuff so I went to one to check it out.

I never tried anything from MUA cosmetics before, so I really wanted to get my hands on something from the brand. Unfortunately, most of the MUA products that I saw were only brushes. I spotted this eyeshadow palette at another aisle (not the makeup aisle) and it was stacked with other stuff all the way up the shelves. There weren't a lot of things from MUA at the drugstore at the time, so I just grabbed this one. The palette itself retails for $14 but the one I got came with an eye liner and a smudge brush so I paid $16.

The packaging isn't my favorite. It feels cheap and light (is that a thing?). I don't like that the mirror inside is so small. It pretty much negates the point of having it at all. There are 10 shades in this palette and they are all neutrals, which I like. I think the colors are beautiful. As much as I really do like the shades, I do have issues with this palette. The formula is quite on the powdery side for me. I don't think that the shades are pigmented. I had to keep going back to the pan to get a decent amount of color to show. It does last a long time if you use a primer and a setting spray.

With that said, I still don't think this was worth the $16. I don't even think it's worth 14. There are other drugstore brands that have amazing eyeshadow palettes (elf, Milani, NYX...). I'll probably end up giving this away.