NYX Week: Tango with Bronzing Powder

Welcome to the second blog post in my NYX Week series!

As I previously mentioned, NYX Cosmetics had recently sent me quite a generous package filled with new products! Some of them, I've tried already and there are some that I still haven't gotten around to checking out. When I was at NYX's store opening at Queens Center Mall, I saw the Tango with Bronzing Powder and was immediately drawn to it. I was mostly intrigued by it because I've never seen it anywhere and I typically use bronzers during the summer.

Now, I haven't used it yet so I can't really tell you whether I actually like it. But, I will share my first impression on this particular product. I have the shade Tribal Odyssey and I like the packaging. It comes in a nice, pretty box and the actual product container is sturdy. When you open it, you'll see the product right away and then it has another layer that you flip over and the you'll see a small brush and a mirror.

I don't know if I should've gotten a different shade but from the swatches I've done, this bronzer looks more like a highlighter than bronzer. It's not darker in tone than my complexion. It's quite shimmery as well. I'm still looking forward to using this because it is buttery soft and it does blend really nicely. Hopefully, I get to use it soon.

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