NYX Week: Pro Lip Cream Palette

Welcome to the 5th and last blog post of my NYX Week series!

NYX Cosmetics had invited me to check out their new stand alone store at Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst, Queens a couple of weeks ago. It was such a fun experience for me because I've never had a beauty brand invite me to see their space before anyone else! They walked me through the whole store and told me that if there were any products that caught my eye, to send them a list and that they'd do their best to send me those items. You can just imagine how excited I was!

With that said, this Pro Lip Cream Palette was one of the products that caught my eye. I actually don't really like lip palettes but I know that a lot of brands are coming out with these, so I decided to give it a try with NYX. I've had lip palettes in the past but I never really took them seriously because they always looked and felt like toys to me (am I making sense here?). The lip palette that I've had always had flimsy packaging and the formula were really thick and gloppy and I just never liked them. But when I saw these at the NYX store, I was drawn to their packaging. I think that they have a really pretty and sturdy packaging.

The Pro Lip Cream Palettes come in 4 shades: The Nudes, The Pinks, The Plums and The Reds. I decided to ask for The Pinks lip palette (although all 4 look really pretty!) because of the current season. Here's my honest first impression opinion on these: I really like the packaging, although I think it would be helpful if it had a mirror inside. The formula is true to what they advertise, which means that this lip product is creamy. The colors look gorgeous in the pan but when I apply them on my lips, I find that the saturation doesn't quite stay true to the color I see in the pans. Now, this isn't really a make-or-break situation for me since I mostly wear a very natural look. If you're looking for highly pigmented lip palette, I'm afraid that this won't make the cut for you. But I want to give this product a fair try so I'll be testing it out this month and tell you guys if I notice any changes.