Makeup Drawer: ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip

I recently got the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip liquid lipsticks and I have been playing around with them. I only got into ColourPop this year and so far, I've had mixed feelings about their products. Everyone and their mamas on YouTube have talked my ears off about ColourPop matte lipsticks. I heard nothing but phrases about them, so I gave it a shot. I ordered 2 matte liquid lipsticks and immediately regretted the purchase. I understand that they were matte- I exfoliated my lips and applied a generous amount of balm prior to applying it and it was extremely drying. I wanted to take it off right away and decided that I'll never buy them again.

But, I found out that they came our with satin liquid lipsticks and that totally changed my mind. Again, I was sucked into purchasing the products because of the great reviews from people, who like me, had issues with their matte lipsticks. I decided to get 2 shades from their Ultra Satin Lip collection: Botanical (pictured on the left swatch) and Littlesticious (pictured on the right swatch).

I don't think that these are super amazing but for the price, I think it has fantastic pigmentation. It's definitely more comfortable on the lips that the matte liquid lipsticks. The shade Botanical didn't apply evenly as I'd like it to, while the shade Littlesticious was better when it came to application. I also think that the products lasted pretty well throughout the work day. I'm actually really curious about the other shades and I'll probably get more of them to try.