March 2016 Favorites

I didn't post a February favorites because there wasn't really anything new that I was using but for March, I found myself using a couple of different things: I am loving my Tartelette in Bloom Palette and Maybelline's FIT Me Foundation! There are a few items here that I am just really into. I bought this NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer a while ago but I just started to use it recently and I LOVE it! The formula has little gold flakes in it and It makes my face very dewy and dewy is something that I'm really into right now.

Maybelline's FIT Me Foundation is one of my go-to foundations from the drugstore. It's not expensive, it provides medium coverage and it lasts the whole work day with a primer and setting spray. I also LOVE Wet N Wild's brow shaper, illuminating concealer and setting spray. The brow shaper is a clear pencil and has a waxy texture. I put it on after I fill in my brows as a finishing step. The concealer is amazing! It gives such a nice glow under the eyes.

When I first tried Wet N Wild's new setting spray, I hated it because it smells horrible. But on multiple occasions, I've complimented my sister's makeup and every time, she said it's because of the Wet N Wild setting spray. So I went back to the store and picked it up. I just have to hold my breath whenever I use it. I love them so much that I buy them whenever I see them at the drugstore. They are so affordable and they work so well, I'd have to be insane not to stock up!

I've also been using Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara on a daily basis lately. I think it's my favorite mascara at the moment- it gives me very full looking lashes without being spidery and it doesn't give me racoon eyes. Also. I've been using this lipstick by Too Faced almost on a daily basis. I love this shade (taffy) in particular because it's pinky nude and it's perfect for everyday wear.

It's very likely that I'll have the same favorites for next month.