Feeling Spendy at Sephora: Tartelette in Bloom Palette

I've been trying really hard to avoid Sephora (what? yeah, I know) because I understand that my wedding budget is more important BUT a friend had a birthday on Friday. My friend also happens to be a makeup junkie, so I went to Sephora to get her a gift card and then I caved into this beauty right here, the Tartelette in Bloom Palette. Okay, I know that this palette is a bit on the pricey side ($50) BUT I've been eyeing this thing for months! Ever since I found out about it, I knew that I wanted to get one for myself. I have the Tartelette palette and I really like it so I had a feeling that the Tartelette in Bloom palette would be just as great or even better.

The packaging is super pretty and it's the same size as the Tartelette palette. The Tartelette palette is all matte while this palette has three shimmery shades: rocker (top row), firecracker (second row) and funny girl (third row). The new palette also features earthy colors- all neutrals which is just what I want in a palette. The formula is fantastic: it's buttery smooth and I like that it's buildable. I do warn that the shades aren't super pigmented like the Kat Von D palettes, so if you're into those- you may not want to get this palette. With that said, the shades blend so easily on the skin (for me, at least). This palette has a lot of gorgeous shades that I don't think I can choose a singular favorite shade. There are a couple of shades that I just love so much: sweetheart (third row), which is a sandy pink and smarty pants (second row), which is like a taupe color. And is it just me but it smells like chocolate! I actually had to give it a really good sniff before typing this. I even took out my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and compared them. The Too Faced palette is definitely more obvious with the chocolate scent but this Tarte palette smells sweet as well.

I've only had this palette for 4 days but I can tell you right now that it'll probably be one of my favorites for this month.