I Just Popped My MAC Cherry!

Over the weekend, I finally gave in and got myself my very first MAC palette. I have to be honest here- I was pretty stoked at the counter during the purchasing process. There had been a few times when I bought something from MAC but they were gifts for other people. I remember getting a lip gloss set for my boss as a secret santa gift and a foundation for my sister as a graduation gift but I wasn't really drawn to them so I never really bothered checking out their other items. I mean, I've always wanted to give it a try but I always feel out of my comfort zone if I'm not shopping at Sephora (Am I making sense here?). Also, MAC has been the reigning queen of individual shade pots and I really, really don't like individual pots. Sure, it would be nice to start collecting shades and fill up an empty palette if it wasn't so pricey.

When I learned that MAC had FINALLY launched pre-filled palettes, I was really excited. After weeks of watching YouTube reviews and looking at swatches of the x15 Warm Neutral Palette, I decided that it's time to get myself my first MAC product (okay, that's not true because last month, I picked myself a MAC lip glass).. Well, this is my first MAC eye product. As soon as I got home, I carefully took it out of its box and started swatching- it was love at first swatch! The eye shadows are so smooth and blends excellently. It lasts forever (okay, maybe not forever but it does last the entire work day). No wonder why makeup freaks geek out over this stuff.

I almost feel bad for waiting this long to try MAC shadows but the same time, I really think that the pre-packaged palette is a must for MAC newbies like myself. I know $85 is up there in terms of palettes but if you're looking for that one splurge for yourself and you are in no way a makeup connoisseur, I really recommend this palette.