Playing With New Makeup: Urban Decay's Gwen Stefani Palette

I've been using Urban Decay's Gwen Stefani Palette since I got it at Sephora 2 weeks ago. I REALLY love this palette! I love everything about it: the way it looks, the way it feels in my hand- it's sturdy and doesn't feel cheap, I love the mirror size, I love the colors and I love the overall quality of the product. I absolutely think that it is worth the $58 price tag.

When I first saw pictures of it, I was immediately drawn to the neutral colors in the palette but I was a bit thrown off by the bright blue and lavander-ish shades. Now that I have it, I actually appreciate that they included the shades in there. The blue shade which is called 'danger' looks intimidating at first but once it's swatched, it goes on as a deeper hue of blue rather than a bright blue shade (nobody wants to be like Mimi afterall).

I am OBSESSED with the shade 'punk'! It was that one shade that my eyes gravitated to right after opening the palette. It like a very deep, dark brick color and I think it's perfect as an outer eye corner shade. Another shade that I'm really surprised that I like is '1987' which is an electric hue of gold/green. I'm normally more into a subtle gold but I used this shade on Christmas Eve and Christmas because it's very festive by itself.

Another thing I appreciate about this palette is that it has shimmery shades (11) and matte shades (4). Personally, I really like shimmery eye shadows but matte shadows are just very important for me for transitional uses. I know 4 doesn't sound like a lot but the 4 shades are amazingly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Also, 2 of the shimmery shades (punk and serious) are just THE PERFECT blend of matte and shimmer. Best of all, the shades lasts longer than 8 hours on me when I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

This is definitely the palette you want to get if you are on the fence about it.