August Favorites: Hair Care

Before I go on about these amazing things, I'd like to point out that I was sent the items pictured above for review. I was NOT paid to do this but the items were complimentary. That said, I'd also like to mention that these Nubian products were sent to me before summer even started. If I'm not mistaken, they were sent to me in May and I really wanted to try them and really see for myself how they work with my hair type and condition.

Prior to receiving these items, I was actually in some sort of hair crisis- I constantly found myself scratching my head and parts of my scalp were so itchy to a point that I was going to schedule an appointment with my dermatologist. I had speculated that I had psoriasis or something similar. It was pure luck that just as I was about to book that appointment, I was contacted to review the Nubian brand.

Let's be real here, I think that a lot of us have or actually already use at least one product from the Nubian line (their items are all over health and organic shops in NYC). So, I am quite familiar with their products. I wasn't given the opportunity to choose which items I wanted to try. I received a few items from the Indian Hemp and Tamanu collection.

During that time, I actually just bought Head & Shoulders because I was convinced that I had dandruff (whenever I'd rub my scalp, tiny white stuff falls down from my head-I know, it's pretty eew). It just so happened that the products that were sent to me also had garlic. After doing a bit of research, I found out that garlic helps itchy scalp.

I was so delighted and excited to try all of the items as soon as possible! I've been using the shampoo and deep conditioning mask whenever I'd wash my hair and so far, I've been using the serum once a week. I also have been using the hair milk and I swear to your cat's nine lives that this stuff works so well (on my hair at least)! It claims to soften and add shine to my hair and it does. It claims that the garlic will lessen scalp itching and it really does! I also cannot believe how soft my hair is after using the deep conditioner. I also am quite impressed how long the actual product lasts- I started using them in May and I've just began to run low! 

I am so in love with everything that I decided to dedicate entire blog post about why these are my favorite hair care items of August, if not, the whole summer! And I will be purchasing everything when I run out!