Feeling Spendy at Sephora: Finally Picked Up Stila's Eyes are The Window Shadow Palette

Before I go into the detail of this particular Sephora visit, there are some things you have to know about me: 1. I love makeup 2. I love Sephora 3. In college (when I joined the work force), I ONLY used high end products (makeup and skincare). I cannot pass by a Sephora without going inside. I live and breathe Sephora.. until I.. um, became this thing called a 'grown up'. I have my priorities in check, therefore don't have the guts to fork over $50-$80 for something so tiny when there are other less costly options. I still go inside Sephoras but I only buy something when I need it or I REALLY want it.

Which is the case for Stila's Eyes are The Window Shadow Palette. I spotted it a while back when browsing a Sephora. This particular item caught my eye right off the bat. It's so pretty in its dual gold tone packaging and neutrals are my most worn eyeshadow shades. I didn't but it the first time around. I decided to look up reviews and swatches first. Everyone who has tried it, have nothing bad to say so I made up my mind- I wanted it.

So I go to Sephora and grabbed it. Then I browsed through every section (like I normally do on any given day I go into a Sephora) and then it happened: I suffered a natural occurrence whenever I don't have enough money to buy the store. It's quite similar to a tantrum. Actually, I think it was one. What happens when I have a "tantrum": I grab everything I want and I walk around with them in the bag they give out. I like to think that I'm getting them all when in reality, I only ended up paying for the Stila palette.

Which was a first for me. It was the first time ever that I overcame my wants for unnecessary stuff. I was so proud of myself and I felt the need to write about it. As for the palette- it's my current favorite palette at the moment. It's buttery and pigmented and did I mention that it's pretty? I'm so happy that I actually got it after months of eying it at stores. I think it was definitely worth the price I paid.