I Can't Stay Away From Floral Prints!

When I moved in October, I got rid (gave away some too) of A LOT of my clothes. The only ones I kept were my recent purchases and clothes that still fit me. Currently, my closet consists of dresses and pajamas (I own 3 pairs of jeans and I think 8 shirts and 3 cardigans). Recently, I've found myself obsessing over flower prints- especially on dresses. I'm usually someone who leans toward more neutral shades when it comes to wardrobe choices. But I think the ridiculously harsh winter pushed me to crave bright colors and start wearing prints that I'd normally shy away from. I bought this dress for my aunt's surprise birthday party because I thought it was perfect for the occasion (she LOVES flowers). It's a Julian Taylor dress and I absolutely love it! The quality is great- it feels heavier than regular sun dresses because I think it's meant to be a daytime cocktail dress (if that makes sense). I also really love the reflective element in the dress- it glimmers when light hits it and I think it's beautiful.

Dress: Julian Taylor

Jacket: New York & Co.

Shoes: BCBG

Sunnies: New York & Co.

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff