Yes to Comfortable, Affordable AND Pretty Dresses!

I own many dresses and I wear them all spring and summer long. Some of them are only pretty and not very comfortable. Some of them were only made to look beautiful. However, I do have a few that are a breeze to wear. I bought this New York & Co. dress last summer after losing 10 pounds and I LOVE it! It literally glides on my skin when I put it on and I love the texture of it. It's silky soft but it's not sheer (but it feels sheer). The dress came with a tie belt and I think it's so pretty.

I want to take this time to say that I genuinely really love New York & Company. I worked there for a bit in college and became obsessed with their pieces. They have good fashion jewelry that don't look cheap. They always have sales going on and you can save so much money when you shop during those sales. I remember someone asked me if the store was closing because their prices were ridiculously low during the sale.

What I also love about NY & Co. is that they excel in work apparel and "play time" gear. What I mean by "play time gear" isn't your clubbing outfit but your "I'm heading out to lunch with the bf or the ladies" outfits. I can't picture myself not shopping here. By the way, I know this post sounds like an ad but I swear to your mom and your ice cream that I did not receive clothes and was definitely not paid to say such nice words about their brand. I just really love them.