Brewsday: Robinsons Family Brewers- Iron Maiden Trooper


Appearance: The beer pours a cloudy brown orange. The color is similar to that of honey and creates an illusion of thickness. The color isn’t pleasing and reminds me of muddy water. The head was bright white but dissipated quickly. This is one of those beers you should feel okay drinking in the bottle. It won’t be winning any beer beauty contests. 2

Smell: There’s a strong smell of citrus and not much else. There is a bready element there but the orange aroma is more apparent. The smell is actually rather pleasant. The beer isn’t very hoppy and the aroma indicates that. The beer smells sweet and light. If a smell could help paint an image; consider warmer weather and laying back in a hammock. 4

Mouthfeel: Trooper starts off feeling a bit thick and falls flat early on. The carbonation level is low. I didn’t enjoy drinking it. I actually struggled to finish my glass. You are first hit with a thick bitter gulp that quickly changes to a sweet thin fizz moments after hitting the back of your mouth. The beer falls flat in more way than one. 1.5

Taste: I really wanted to like this beer. I’m a big Maiden fan and I really like beer but I just couldn’t enjoy this beer. It’s far too sweet. The citrus doesn’t even come through in a big way. There’s no pleasant memory during the tasting.  1.5

Overall: Sadly, aroma aside, this isn’t a good beer. It is bad to look at, feels bad going down and worst of all it simply doesn’t taste good. The beer is low in alcohol which is an advantage to some. I usually go for the bigger beers but I do understand the advantages to a lower ABV. You get to enjoy more beer since you get to delay intoxication. That benefit is lost on this beer because if this was your first beer of the night it may lead you to swear off any future drinks. The beer does a poor job paying tribute to Iron Maiden. This beer comes off more as a novelty than an actual craft beer made with careful consideration. As far as I know, it only comes in large 1PT 0.9 OZ bottles. I understand the need for a Maiden fan to try this beer. I get it, but the large size is a waste since most people will pour it out. The idea that you could or even should share it is a frightening thought. 2.25