Brewsday Victory Brewing Company Hoppy Quad

Sometime ago someone on /R/Beer asked what they thought the next beer trend would be. Not too long ago IPAs were every new beer fan's one and only. Recently sour ales have found themselves in the hands of craft beer virgins. I replied with the concept of hybrid styles. I eagerly proposed the radical idea of a Hoppy Quad. Someone quickly replied that Victory Brewing Company already makes a Hoppy Quad, and they call it..."Hoppy Quad."

Time passed and I encountered new beers but I never found the Hoppy Quad. I considered trying to make my own but my homebrew skills were poor and undeveloped. I simply imagined a world where such an experience would never exist. I was wrong! During a Memorial Weekend visit to Rockaway Beach I visited the local craft beer shop (as I often do in every neighborhood) and spotted the big bottle for only $10.99. Now I finally get to experience the clash of flavors. Two of my favorite styles in one beer. Did I like it? Read on!

Appearance: Hazy. At least it was very hazy at first. I assume the yeast was settling. The color is that of honey and orange marmalade. This was a tantalizing presentation because that too sounds like an amazing beer flavor. The thick white head was near everlasting and created a wonderful presentation that speaks of richness.

Aroma: Very Sweet. The honey and orange colors make more sense after a quick whiff. I picked up a lot of citrus and floral elements. Oranges are a citrus fruit and bees make honey and they drink nectar from flowers. Its loose connection but I'm sticking to it.  The beer smelled like a warm summer morning. I wish Victory made candles with this scent. This beer tells two stories and on the side i picked up a yeasty aroma of bread and malty caramelized sugar. The rich stone fruit aroma that I expect from a quad was sadly absent.

Taste: First sip= Hrmm. Everything hits at once. The high ABV (13%) leaves a light burn which is actually less than you'd expect. It goes down rather easy. Second sip=Imagine washing down an IPA with a quad. It's not too hoppy but also not quad(y?) enough. There is a faint amount of the stone fruit but its like everyone is trying to be the lead singer when they actually only sing backup

Mouthfeel: This part was actually superb. The beer is very drinkable considering the complex flavors ans high ABV. The carbonation is ideal and lands in familiar quad territory. The body is light-medium but still leaves that stick factory that I like in quads.

Overall: I liked it. It is a good beer but I feel like it could be better. Hops were played safe. These are two very different flavors to mix so the safety made sense but I would still like to see more risk. I wish I could be in the room during R&D just to see what didn't make the cut. The high ABV may have helped mask any issues regarding the flavor combination. In the end the beer is hoppy and it ends with a quad finish. I would also like a beer that starts off like a quad and ends like an IPA. It's unlikely that this beer will become my "go-to beer" but it is certainly worth getting again and perhaps seeing how it ages. 

Have you tried this beer? Do you agree with my thoughts? Got any recommendations for beers that I should be trying? We got a comment section. Feel free to use it.