LIC Flea's 2017 Opening Day Was Poppin'

LIC Flea & Food kicked off its 2017 season with a huge turn out and sunny skies. The best food festival in Queens has over 80 vendors, selling goodies from stickers and magnets, tacos and briskets and one-of-a-kind furniture. I have been loyal LIC Flea & Food attendees for a couple of years. It's my favorite place to discover amazing local food and Saturday's event did not let me down. 

I went there with the intention of dropping by What's the Dillaz? booth. I saw an Instagram post of one of their menu items and immediately decided that I wanted to check what's the dillaz with their quesadillas (ha ha). So I didn't even bother making the round to see what I wanted to eat- I made a bee line for What's the Dillaz? and got myself a chorizo quesadilla with avocado and sour cream drizzle. Personally, I think that its $10 price tag was worth it. It certainly satisfied my quesadilla craving. 

While I stuffed my face with a quesadilla, Michael opted for Coney Shack's tacos. This wasn't our first encounter with Coney Shack as we've had their hot dogs at Bryant Park's Winter Village over the holidays. However, it was our first time sampling their tacos and now I know that I want to get them next time. Michael decided to get their 3 for $12 taco deal. He had chose the beer battered crunchy fish, Vietnamese caramelized pork and garlic lemongrass chicken tacos. I had a bite of the fish taco and it was definitely better than I had expected. 

We also took advantage of LIC Flea & Food's beer garden. The beer garden serves up brews from local craft beer breweries. I had a pint of Big Alice's honey whit and Michael had a pint of Big Alice's IPA. Guests have access to tables with umbrellas (first come, first serve) and the "grass" area which is a great setting for a sunny day spiked picnic. The $6 beer is absolutely worth it! 

You can definitely find us hanging around at The Flea again and soon.