Local Eats: Brunch at Jack & Nellie's in Forest Hills

Jack & Nellie's has been in our brunch bucket list forever! I always mean to go but for some reasons, plans never stick. With that said, I was so excited when the day finally arrived when I could finally cross this off my list. Jack & Nellie's is very popular for their brunch and rightly so. The restaurant space is nicely decorated and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. I don't know how long the wait usually is because when I went there with my husband, we were able to snag seats by the bar. While we were able to be seated shortly after arriving, the restaurant was actually quite crowded. 

Jack & Nellie's have 9 main brunch dishes and a choice of 6 sides. Michael opted for their Steak & Eggs ($15) and I decided to try their Eggs Benedict ($13). We were also happy to see that their brunch cocktails are all $5 or under. I thoroughly enjoyed the eggs benedict- the eggs were perfectly poached and the layers of flavors was a delight to experience. What I loved about it was the hash browns. I am confident to say that it's the best hash brown I've ever had. It's was crunchy but it also melted in my mouth so smoothly like mashed potatoes. I could eat a pint of it for breakfast and be completely satisfied. 

Michael and I shared a small French press coffee which was pretty good as well. Michael also had the Mikita Royale (sake and orange juice topped with champagne) to accompany his brunch item. I opted for the traditional Mimosa. We were both happy with how everything turned out.