Local Eats: Joe's Steam Rice Rolls

I first found out about Joe's Steam Rice Rolls through Joe Distefano's Instagram post last month. It's such a shame that we always pass by this block, yet never seem to notice anything. Today, I finally got to check it out. Joe's Steam Rice Rolls is a food stall located on 136-21 Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, Queens. They serve steamed rice rolls, which is a Cantonese dish from southern China. The rolls are made with rice batter, which give the dish its chewy, gelatinous-like texture. The menu is in Chinese but you have a choice between small ($4) and large ($6) and you can choose between pork, beef, pork liver, beef bbq, chicken bbq, dried shrimp and shrimp for your rolls. They also offer different toppings: bean sprouts, chives, lettuce, corn and egg (egg is an extra dollar). The taste reminded me of a Filipino dish called 'la paz bachoy' and the texture of the rice roll is reminiscent of mochi. I want to go back and try it with the other selections.