Local Eats: The Green Street LIC

The Green Street LIC opened its doors in late 2016. The Long Island City restaurant offers something that's definitely unique- it is an organic eatery that caters to vegans and vegetarians while also serving up traditional Korean BBQ. This concept is something that I've never seen before. Usually, a restaurant is either an all vegan place or a regular place that may or may not have vegan options. As someone who isn't getting any younger, I do appreciate the healthier choices in Queens. I first heard about The Green Street LIC from Long Island City resident, gantrygram (IG handle). She posted a picture of their Cornflakes Crusted French Toast made with organic brioche by Bread Alone Bakery and I immediately bookmarked the restaurant. Over the weekend, Michael and I decided to finally check this place out. 

It's hard not to spot the restaurant since its exterior wall features a mural reminiscent of 5 Pointz. Upon entering, I was was impressed by the design of the restaurant's interior. I like that when you enter, you're in a quaint cafe/juicery area and as you walk through, you see the bar and the actual restaurant portion of the space. When we went, it was a little past 11:30 A.M. and we were the first ones there. The restaurant is spacious with white painted brick walls and high ceilings. The tables are wooden with a charcoal grill in the middle. 

We were warmly greeted by our waitress who handed us the menus. I decided to go for their Breakfast Scramwich and Michael ordered the Short Rib Sandwich. Michael also ordered a large cappuccino and I got a small latte. It didn't feel like we waited for a long time for our orders to arrive to our table (which was something we liked). I actually quite liked the Breakfast Scramwich, it looked pretty on the plate and it tasted good as well. I love how crunchy it is on the outside and how nice and smooth it is when I bit into it. Michael and I split our sandwiches, so I was able to get a taste of the Short Rib Sandwich too. I love the bread they used for that sandwich so much! The sandwich itself was a bit of a let down though- the meat was disappointing. We were expecting tender and juicy beef but what we got were pieces of meat that were tough to chew due to a lot of connective tissues. Aside from that, if they used bulgogi in the sandwich, it would've been amazing! 

I think this place deserves a second visit. We'll definitely come back in the warmer season because it was freezing in there.