Local Eats: Breakfast at White Noise Coffee

I would've titled it "Brunch at White Noise Coffee" but they don't serve alcoholic beverages. 

I just want to say how happy we are that more places like this are popping up in the neighborhood. We love seeing variety for breakfast! White Noise Coffee is located in Flushing, Queens and it offers more than your regular cup of joe. They have quite a selection of typical coffee shop pastries but they also have some tasty treats from Underwest Donuts. What we really love about this place is that they have this thing called 'open face toast'. I know it sounds very plain and boring but it's one of my favorite things at the moment. The open face toast is $7 but you can add toppings you want: avocado, squash, ricotta & honey, prosciutto and poached egg for an additional $2. It's the only savory item on their menu but I think it really works. 

The number of toppings you can add to your toast is enough. When Michael and I went for breakfast, I opted to include avocado, prosciutto and poached egg on my toast. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be filling but it actually was a hearty meal (for me at least). It was also beautifully presented- the vibrant colors of red onions, the arugula and avocado makes a nice bed for the poached egg. The bread they used was crunchy around the edges but the weight of the other ingredients make the center of the bread softer. I genuinely enjoyed every bite of this gorgeous toast. It's got layers of textures and flavors and I start salivating whenever I think about it. If toasts aren't your thing, they also have yogurt parfait and you can add granola and/ fruits for $6 (but I strongly recommend the open face toast). 

Since it is a cafe, White Noise Coffee does offer a handful of coffee variety: drip, espresso, Americano, cortado, cappuccino, latte, mocha, white, hot chocolate (regular, white or dark hot chocolate), matcha, cold brew and draft latte. They do carry a few selections of tea and freshly squeezed OJ and grapefruit juice as well for those who don't drink coffee. So far, I've only had their latte, cappuccino and dark hot chocolate. I find their coffee to be on the weak side which is something that I actually like. If you like a strong coffee, I suggest requesting an extra shot of espresso. 

I'm definitely going to be coming back here. It's such an inviting space and makes a perfect setting for conversations.