The Great Big Bacon Picnic to Take Over NYC Once Again!

Bacon lovers rejoice for The Great Big Bacon Picnic will be hosting its 2nd annual bacon-centric festival! The very anticipated foodie event will take place on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th at The Old Pfizer Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We were fortunate enough to attend last year's festivities (check out our blog post here about last year's event) and we are extremely happy to say that we will be going again this year! We cannot be more excited for this shindig (that's right, I chose to use the word shindig) because The Great Big Bacon Picnic is one of our favorite food festivals in NYC!

We've attended more than a handful of food festivals and coming in at second place is The Great Big Bacon Picnic (first place is The Vendy Awards). We love The Great Big Bacon Picnic because the crew behind this event is absolutely dedicated to giving guests an amazing experience and they are very passionate about bacon. What we love most about this event is that it stays true to what it is- a celebration of bacon. It's not about pork or ham but it's about bacon. With that said, there will be more than 100 chefs and exhibitors  that will be serving up their beefed up bacon goods. We are particularly looking forward to what Bareburger has in store for the event. The bacon burger that Bareburger did last year was mouth watering. 

Is the $99 price tag worth it? If you LOVE bacon and beer and you want lots of it, then yes, the $99 admission fee is worth it. I know it sounds insane BUT let's put it this way, an excellent bottomless brunch will probably cost you somewhere around $45. Add $54 and you'll get unlimited access to burgers, beers, ciders, bacon cookies, bacon and bacon ice cream... If you still feel bad about spending this much on a single event, remember that 10% of the ticket sale profit goes to various local charities including City Harvest. If we've convinced you to go, then get yourself a ticket here.