Brewsday: Evil Twin Brewing: Molotov Cocktail Heavy

I was really impressed by Even More Jesus and figured I needed to try more Evil Twin beers. I'm not too familiar with their lineup but I knew they had a penchant for beers that landed higher on the alcohol spectrum. Enter Molotov Cocktail Heavy. This beer boasted a whopping 18% ABV! I felt over confident! I've bested Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout, Raison D'Extraand the famous 120 Minute IPA. I felt I was perfectly capable of tackling this big bottle. I tucked it away and waited for a day that would prove most trying and required a high degree of refreshment. Here are my thoughts on this monster of a beer. I should mention that prior to this tasting, I have never heard nor tried Molotov Cocktail or Molotov Lite which seem like much safer choices in hindsight.

Appearance: Not much to raise alarms. The color was a deep dark honey brown with a thin light beige head. The beer appears quiet and unassuming. You may even think it pretty. Be warned! She is a mighty temptress! 

Aroma:  It smelled malty like Flying Dog's Double Dog. There wasn't much hops on the nose which was disappointing. Call me old fashioned but I expect a big hop presence in an IPA. I was detecting some vanilla which I felt added a richer flavor profile if solely based on aroma.

Taste: Alcohol. It's hard to even escape it. Just burn. There's a faint malt sweetness but it's like drinking straight vodka. IPA? Where are the hops? I've had 18% beers that didn't taste this strong. I honestly couldn't even finish it. I tried letting it warm up but it was irredeemable. I believe a stronger hop character could have helped balance out the alcohol burn 

Mouth Feel: Very thick with very light carbonation. The mouth feel was very pleasant and fit the high alcohol of the beer.

Overall: This is a tough beer. Usually, I enjoy something strong but this beer is lacking in complexity. First you'll get the hint of sweetness but the alcohol burn washes that away quickly. I don't think I like it very much. Set me back $16. I wonder if aging would have been the wiser the choice. I've been aging bottles of Dogfish Head Olde School from 2014 and I've noticed improvements. Perhaps the shocking alcohol power will mellow and the beer would become enjoyable. I'm reluctant to throw down the cash for such an experiment but I would love to hear any success stories (comments!). I'm certainly not giving up on Evil Twin but I may pull back on the 12% and higher beers.