Local Eats: Maine Squeeze at Penthouse 808 in Long Island City, Queens

I have been craving lobster so much this summer hence I was very glad to find out that Penthouse 808 in Long Island City, Queens offers a menu called 'Maine Squeeze'. The menu features five dishes (starting at $18) and is available on Wednesdays only. Luckily, Michael and I were able to use a Groupon for our rooftop Main Squeeze experience. The Groupon we had was valid for a cocktail, an entree and a dessert. If I'm not mistaken, I think I bought the deal for $75 for 2.

I decided to go with a blueberry mojito (I forgot what Michael got) for my cocktail. I really liked it, it wasn't too sweet and it didn't have a revolting amount of hard liquor either. Then, I remember waiting a while for our food. It must have taken over 20 minutes for our orders to arrive. We did start to get antsy but we pulled through. But when it arrived, we forgot about the long wait- it was such a delight to see giant plates placed on the table! I couldn't wait to dig in!

The lobster was in the middle of the plate and was surrounded by potatoes and mussels. First of all, the potatoes were amazing! Michael and I were expecting mediocre potatoes but man, those potatoes were really good! They were soft but not disgustingly mushy and they were flavorful. We were quite surprised with how much we both loved the potatoes. The mussels were also pretty tasty. The lobster was fantastic! I loved the entire dish. There was only one option for dessert and it was a banana brownie a la mode. I would've preferred choosing from the regular dessert menu but in the end, it wasn't a bad dessert.

I believe that was the best use of Groupon I've ever done! It was definitely worth the price and we got to enjoy our meal with a gorgeous view!