Brewsday Evil Twin Brewing Even More Jesus

I tend to gravitate towards beer that have a higher than average alcohol content. I try to get every Dogfish Head green top i can find. I have been familiar with Evil Twin Brewing for quite sometime. It would seem that I couldn't enter a discussion whether it be in person or via online forum, that lead to the brewery as a top recommendation. I tried their Even More Denmark 2015 and knew that I needed to try more from this brewery. I'm still not entirely sure where the brewery operates but I trust that they know what they are doing. I was lucky enough to come across a can of Even More Jesus, a massive stout that wields an ABV of 12%. This was the beer that many people suggested and I assumed it to be their flagship. Behold my simple thoughts about a beer that is far from simple.

Appearance:  BLACK! Like the soul of some kind of demonic entity! The head was reminiscent of a mocha latte which had me already thinking about the tastes of chocolate and coffee. The head had extremely long lasting power and just didn't seem to go away.

Aroma: You'll get the obvious scent of roasted barley with cocoa. A bit of the booziness seeps through but it still smells sweet.

Taste: I quickly forgot that this beer had 12% ABV. There's a rich chocolate front which ends with a slight alcohol burn. I did detect some of those dark fruits that were mentioned on the label. It reminded me of the Chocolate Quad made by Kasteel but much more subtle. I wasn't picking up much coffee. Perhaps it was getting mixed up with the chocolate and alcohol.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, Rich....mmmmm! Slick and sticky. If not for air conditioning this would be a tough beer to enjoy during this heat wave. This is most certainly not a thirst quencher. Simple summary is that it drinks like a strong Founders Breakfast Stout.

Overall: I'm glad i bought it. I'm not too big on stouts but I do still like them. This wasn't like some of the Russian Imperial Stouts I've had. I didn't get a strong astringent after taste. I mentioned that i nearly forgot about the high alcohol content. That was true at first but it does hit fast when drinking. I wish I had some ice cream. I always forget to try beer floats. A bit of vanilla would be nice to compliment the bitter chocolate. I would like to see Evil Twin make a chocolate Quad. More dark fruit would always be nice but this was a chocolate stout and I feel that they succeeded in their task. The beer plays with flavors. It's sweet but still bitter at times and the high alcohol both balances and accentuates these flavors.

Ever try this beer? Got any beer suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment!