Local Eats: Tavern 157 in Flushing, Queens

Michael and I recently had brunch at Tavern 157 in Flushing, Queens. Tavern 157 has been open for a couple of months but they just started offering brunch. I cannot be more excited to see something like this in Flushing, Queens. As much as I love hand pulled noodles and bulgogi, it would be so great if I don't have to hop on a subway ride just to have a decent brunch. That's why I was over the moon to see that this new restaurant is now offering boozy brunch.

The restaurant is located along Northern Blvd. and 158th Street. You're better off taking public transportation if you want to check this place out because finding parking will not be fun. A Q28 and a Q13 bus stop stop is right outside. With that said, the restaurant looks inviting from the outside. Once you step inside, you are greeted by a bar to your right and a rather cozy dining space. The decor is cabin/vintage/hipster? Well, that's the vibe I get anyway.

Michael and I didn't really know what to expect because their website does not list their brunch menu (or any menu). But we noticed that their brunch menu is posted outside on their door. Their brunch menu seems reminiscent of brunch menus in Western Queens and that was quite nice to see. I got even more excited to see that for an additional $15, I can have unlimited mimosas and/ sangrias.

I decided to go with their chorizo entree and Michael went with the eggs benedict with crab meat and Canadian bacon. We also ordered their risotto balls and we both ordered sangria. The sangria was served in a mason jar and was garnished with a slice of orange, lychee and maraschino cherry. The sangria was actually good. The lychee definitely adds a nice touch to it.

Now, let's talk about the food- the food is pretty good. Michael and I shared our dishes and we both liked them. The eggs benedict was fantastic and the Canadian bacon didn't disappoint. The chorizo was cooked perfectly and the potatoes were seasoned wonderfully. I did have a bit of a tiff with certain aspects of my experience there: the portion is super small and not filling. The chorizo and potatoes which was $10, was served the a huge plate and I swear to your cat's nine lives, that the actual portion they gave was less than the size of my fist. The eggs benedict ($13) did not come with a side. Typically, eggs benedict comes with either salad or potatoes so I was pretty bummed about that. If we didn't order risotto balls, it would've been really awful. 

We left the restaurant still feeling hungry and ripped off. Our bill came to $49, which is average for a NYC brunch but when we do have brunch, we are usually full afterwards. I hope that they improve in that area because I did enjoy the food and it would be so awesome if we could have a casual brunch spot in the neighborhood. We're going to come back to try their other stuff and cross our fingers.