Local Eats: Pizzamaru in Flushing, Queens

When Payless closed, I was curious as to what the space will become and when Pizzamaru opened, I was really curious to see what it's all about. But before I try any restaurant, I always read Yelp reviews and I noticed that Pizzamaru has mostly mixed reviews. So, months go by and I just keep walking pass it. But, a couple of days ago, Michael and I noticed their new banner. The banner is advertising their new drink special called the Crazy Bar Event- "All Beers $3, All Cocktails $5 at The Bar M-TH". Well, the banner worked and it got us inside.

Upon entrance, we were greeted by the large bar area to the right. The space itself is fantastic! The restaurant is very spacious- it has enough room for multiple groups and couples. There is also a giant tree in the middle of the restaurant that I find really odd yet pretty at the same time. At this time, we had no plans to try any of their food. We were solely there to have the $5 drinks. Now, if you follow us on Instagram, you know that we didn't just have drinks.

I posted a photo of the cocktails we got (margarita and strawberry daiquiri) on Instagram and the bartender saw it. He then offered us a second round of drinks on the house. Then, our bartender gets a text from the owner and it was about the photo that I had just posted on Instagram. The owner eventually made his way to introduce himself to us and that's when we decided to try their pizza.

Their pizza pies are not your typical NY pizza so if you want something like Patsy's or Grimaldi's, this probably isn't for you. Pizzamaru offers Korean style pizza. What is Korean style pizza? It's basically a customized, more flamboyant version of the American chain pizza and it's known to have crazy toppings. Hence why Pizzamaru's reviews have one thing in common: "It's like Domino's". If you can look past that, then take a seat and explore the other side of the world. We ordered the Mango Seafood Pizza Pie (10 inches) with the sweet potato and mozzarella bite crust.

I honestly enjoyed it. Yes, it was different and yes, it was more of a casserole than the normal NY pizza but I liked it. I think the pizza was able to represent Korean flavors well. The incorporation of green tea in their dough is cool. I've never had green tea in my pizza. Is it something that I can live without? Probably, but now that I know about it, I probably would want to eat it again. I think that if perhaps, they lowered the price of the pizza just a tad bit, it will be better. Let me break it down here: A 10 inch premium pie is currently $21.95, while neighborhood gem Caveleri Pizza offer large 18" pies for $24.75 and old school neighborhood joint Pizza Garden offers their Grandma Sicilian Pie for $18.95. The only bad thing about my pizza experience at Pizzamaru was that I couldn't do the fold with their slice.

Now that I've talked about the pizza, let me say something about their drinks! Um, they are having the Crazy Bar Event all month long and I urge you to give it a try. They have a vast selection of cocktails and you really get a bang for your buck. I tried the strawberry daiquiri and it was wonderful! I'll definitely come back for it asap! Michael tried the margarita on the rocks and for someone who is critical of cocktails, he was quite impressed by it. For our second round of drinks, we asked the bartender to give us the best cocktails they have. He suggested the Tokyo Iced Tea for Michael and the Apple Sawa for me. "Sawa" is sour in Japanese and it was certainly a tangy drink. If you're looking to.. um, get fucked up, The Tokyo Iced Tea is your best bet. It has tequila, rum, vodka, gin... Yeah I am definitely coming back for their cocktails and the occasional pizza.