Queens Taste 2016 Takes Over Hall of Science

New York Hall of Science was the chosen venue for Queens Taste 2016. The event took place today from 6 p.m.- 9 p.m. and showcased over 40 local vendors. Michael and I were fortunate enough to have been invited to cover the event. The rainy weather may have dampened our commute to Corona, Queens but I was really excited because it was my first time attending Queens Taste AND visiting New York Hall of Science!

We got there a little before the event's slated start time but it seemed that festivities had already kicked off. As we made our way down the stairs, it was very apparent that there was a lot to absorb and take in. We decided to start with delicious treats from Desserts That Matter (based in Astoria): Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato and Coconut Sorbet. We then made our way to Delish NY whose crew served up Risotto and an innovative dish, Seared Tuna with a Sesame Soy Glaze on an Edible Spoon. We also really liked the Jerk Chicken from Pa-Nash (based in Rosedale). By the way, we LOVED that they gave such a generous portion! I was also quite fond of the Root Beer Ice Cream Float that Shake Shack was serving for the event. In addition to new vendors (new to us at least), we were also glad to see vendors that we already love. Kimchi Smoke was serving their Austin Not Cho Mama Chili with smoked kimchi, brisket burnt ends, pork chili topped with cheese, scallions and ramen bits (Seriously, if you are going to try kimchi for the first time, you cannot go wrong the Kimchi Smoke way). We also came across Hannah from 8 Bit Bakeshop, who we first met at last month's Queens Social. She was offering guests Black Canary Stout & Whiskey Brownies. What would a Queens, food-centric event be without vendors from Flushing? We were glad to see Mulan Restaurant, Rose Tea House and Leaf Bar & Lounge representing our 'hood- the Thai Basil Lemonade and Watermelon Refresher from Leaf Bar were amazing! I cannot wait for this gloomy weather to be gone so that I can fully begin to take advantage of their rooftop! To cap the evening, we enjoyed a nice cocktail by Chris from Queens Courage.

I'd like to go back to what I had mentioned earlier about me never being to the New York Hall of Science before.. Well, I also took time out from stuffing my face to go around the building. Luckily, Ruben from QueensWay was also there and he gave me a bit of an insight about the architecture of the New York Hall of Science. So, I learned that the interior design of the building was inspired by tree houses and it's what the interior of the building is supposed to emulate. I also learned that the two architects are based in NYC.  

With that said, unfortunately, I did not get to taste all of the dishes that were being offered but I definitely tried.