Taste of Bayside 2016

Michael and I have gone to quite a handful of tasting events but I was really excited to attend the Taste of Bayside last night. There are many food-centered events in NYC when the weather gets warmer. Most of them generally take place closer to Western Queens so when I found out about the Taste of Bayside, I got super stoked. The Taste of Bayside took place at Vivaldi Restaurant in Bayside, Queens. The event featured some of the neighborhood's best restaurants including but not limited to: Bourbon Street, Krave It, Papazzio, Trattoria 35 and Tequila Sunrise.

It was our first time attending Taste of Bayside so we didn't really know what to expect other than there will be lots of food. When we arrived, we were escorted to a white tent located on the parking lot next to the restaurant. There were plenty of seating in the middle of the space with the vendors surrounding the perimeter of the tent. Michael and I decided to start our evening with Indian food (chickpeas, curry chicken, dosa bread and rice) from Agra. We also enjoyed dishes from Clearview Park Golf Course Catering, Sabor Guarani and Robert's Prime Meats. I also want to give props to Sabor Guarani for serving authentic empanadas. We've never had empanadas with egg before and our friend at epicure.nyc mentioned that she grew up eating that type of empanadas. It was also great to see Bayside Brewery introduce their signature beer to Bayside folks. By the way, the crowd was all over their beer. We can't wait to see other beers they come up with next!

My favorite dish from last night was the stuffed eggplant from Bayside Milk Farm. I was craving Italian food really bad and their stuffed eggplant sure satisfied my appetite. I capped off the night with some sweet treats from D'Aquila Pastry Shop. I actually wanted to try their cannolis since I heard more than a handful of people say that they are really good. Unfortunately, they ran out of cannolis but I managed to grab a few dessert items and they were divine!

It was wonderful to see such a great turn out at this year's Taste of Bayside. I hope that it becomes an annual event. I am crossing my fingers for better weather and a bigger space next time around. Do I think that it was worth the $40? Absolutely! I LOVED that it felt like a big family event rather than a fancy pants event (Am I making sense?) because I've been to other tasting events and usually, guests will only get a tiny portion to taste, However, at this event, I was given a lot of food and the vendors weren't snooty about giving me more when I asked for more. Michael and I left the event with full stomachs and a centerpiece (They were giving them away)!