New in Queens: Black Label Donuts

If it wasn't for Cafe De Cupping's Instagram post about this event, we would not have known about it (Thank goodness that we follow them on social media!). The Flushing coffee shop hosted a pop-up for newly launched Queens-based Black Label Donuts yesterday from noon- 5 p.m. Unfortunately, Michael and I already had a prior engagement we had to attend, so we couldn't be there at 12 noon. We did manage to get there around 3:50 in the afternoon but by that time, they had sold out of donuts (They sold out within an hour and a half!). Luckily, they had someone make another batch so we decided to wait.

Founder Rich, was at the event so I asked about Black Label Donuts. Here's what I found out: As of right now, they do not have a brick and mortar but they will be doing multiple pop-ups in Queens in the coming months. I asked him if they had a signature flavor but I was told that unlike other donut vendors, Black Label Donuts is chef-based. Their flavors are constantly changing because they use ingredients that are in season. Also, Yoo mentioned that they really want their ingredients to reflect the different cultures in Queens. This is something very apparent when I looked at their selections at their pop-up yesterday: Triple Chocolate Lemon, Jasmin Creme Brulee, Kumquat Glaze, Kalamansi Glaze, Strawberry Rose Jam and B3 (bourbon, bacon and butterscotch).

When the new batch of donuts arrived, it was only the B3 that were available and the eager crowd was limited to one donut per person. I REALLY wanted to try the Kalamansi Glaze because that's something that I hardly see in dishes in NYC. The B3 was delightful- the donut is yeast-based and has a cream filling. The donut was soft and not dry. If I had one tiff about it, it would have to be that the butterscotch overpowered the bourbon. I would've liked to taste the bourbon a bit more. Overall, their donuts are pretty bomb and I hope to try the other flavors.

If you love donuts as much as I do, you can get your hands on their pillowy goodies at the following locations: Bean & Bean Coffee in Bayside, Espresso77 in Jackson Heights and Blue Cups in Woodside. They don't have definite dates yet, so make sure to follow them on social media.