Local Eats: Joah NYC in Flushing, Queens

With the inconsistent weather over the weekend, we didn't have interest in taking the subway to go out for brunch. Instead, we decided to have brunch somewhere within walking distance from where we were at the time. I had been meaning to check out a new restaurant in Flushing for a while now, so that's where Michael and I went for brunch. I'm talking about Joah- a Korean restaurant that opened in late January of this year.

I've seen a few Instagram and Yelp photos so I had a slight idea of what type of food they offer. One dish that really stood out to me when I was browsing through social media was their Mansour Plate. Even though they offer a couple of brunch selections (Eggs in Heaven and Eggs in Hell), I decided to go with the Mansour Plate. The Mansour Plate is a huge silver platter with tonkatsu, curry rice, hamburger meat with sauce, kimchi fried rice with bacon and sunny side up egg on top, pickles, salad and mashed yam with a cream based sauce on top.

The moment the plate landed on our table, I certainly did not regret my decision to get this dish. Michael usually doesn't like tonkatsu because he finds it tough to eat with all the breading but Joah's tonkatsu was amazingly tender and so flavorful that he decided to eat half of it. Michael also isn't a big fan of kimchi but he loved the kimchi rice. He said that the egg was an excellent component for the kimchi rice. The hamburger meat which is essentially meat loaf with sauce was pretty tasty and tender as well and it was a perfect pair for the curry rice. The only thing I didn't like was that I had to share with Michael because it wasn't filling enough. I'll definitely get the entire plate to myself next time around.

In addition to the Mansour Plate, we got ourselves a cocktail. We ordered a drink on their menu called "Creamy Bokbunja" because: 1. We've never heard of such a thing. 2. Curiosity. It turns out that it is a soju-based cocktail (the waitress didn't give us specifics). We foolishly got a pitcher of it and I say this not because it was bad, I am saying this because it was HUGE for just the two of us. The drink was served with a grand presentation in a glass pitcher and the pitcher was inside a metal bowl that contained shaved ice. Michael and I have shared pitchers before but we've never had a pitcher so full of liquid and ice cubes that weighed more than 3 lbs. (an educated guess. Also, in the shaved ice, were 2 small shot mugs. If there was anything that bothered me, it would be that only because it would make so much more sense for them to serve the drink in bigger glasses.

With that said, I will definitely continue to dine here. The service was good and the food was so amazing!