Local Eats: PappaRich Restaurant

As I mentioned in previous posts, Michael and I really want to check out all of the new restaurants in One Fulton Square in Flushing, Queens. We've gone to The Coop, Presso Coffee and Leaf Bar & Lounge and we've had good experiences in all of these places (so why not try the others?). We've been waiting for PappaRich to open for a while and we're glad to have finally visited the newly opened restaurant for dinner a couple of weeks ago.

PappaRich is located on the 3rd floor of One Fulton Square. Unlike most establishments in downtown Flushing, PappaRich is a chain restaurant. They have multiple locations world wide and 2 locations in the states: one in NYC and another in LA. Some people may get turned off about the fact that it is a chain restaurant but trust me, this stuff is way better than Applebees. I'm really not sure why it only has 3.5 stars on Yelp because the food was good, the service was good (multiple staff members refilled our water throughout dinner, we were frequently asked how we were doing) and the ambiance was good- it was laid back and casual.

The space is big and it's perfect for group food outings. Once you get in, a staff will greet you and escort you to your seat. Once you are seated, you'll see a buzzer on your table- this is pretty much how you let the wait staff know that you're ready to order. Your waiter/waitress will then hand you the menu, a sheet or paper and a pencil so that you can write in your order. Their menu is very helpful for someone who isn't familiar with Malaysian dishes because it has very clear pictures of the menu items.

We decided to try the Nasi Rich Curry Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Sotong, Roti Telur Bawang with Chicken Curry, Roti Kaya and the Lime Cooler Blended. Michael and I really liked each dish but I am seriously already hooked on their desserts. The Roti Kaya which is pretty much bread with coconut jam is so simple yet amazing. The Lime Cooler was crazy good! I know it has lime but I'm pretty sure that I also has lychee in it. I can't wait to go back and try more stuff!