Daily Waffle: Home of NYC's First Waffle Dog!

I first found out about Daily Waffle through Instagram and Yelp. The moment I saw pictures of their waffle dog, I made it a point to go and try it. I'm very glad that I did because their waffle dog is fantastic. Daily Waffle is located inside a small furniture on 34-08 Union Street in Flushing, Queens. It's very easy to bypass this tiny eatery (and I have a couple of times).

Once you step inside, there are 3 or 4 tables for two to your right and the counter to your left. When Michael and I first visited Daily Waffle, we were greeted by owners Hank and Anna- a very lovely couple who also oversee the day to day operation of their small business. Daily Waffle's menu features mostly waffles but they're always experimenting with various dishes. Recently, they started to serve Chinese crepes, chicken and waffles and fried Oreos which are also very tasty.

With that said, I want to talk more about their waffle dog- I am seriously hooked! I argue with myself all the tine because I honestly want to eat it everyday. It's just an amazing combination of flavors: sweetness from the waffle, saltiness from the hot dog and if you want, you can have their spicy sauce drizzled on top of it and oh my, I am in love! If you don't know what to get from their menu, go with the waffle dog or just a plain waffle. Hank and Anna make their waffles using their own recipe and it's really good. The waffles have a semi crunchy shell and it's nice and soft when you bite into it. We also really like the pork sandwich which is 2 waffles and boneless pork ribs with spicy sauce. If you're thinking of getting it, you'll definitely want to ask them to cut it for you because this is a messy sandwich (but it's good!).

A couple of useful tips: They're closed on Mondays but they do accept Apple pay