Why Make Dinner Reservation When There's Brunch?!

Every New Yorker knows to avoid dining out on Valentines evening because they jack up the prices. It's simply impossible to eat somewhere super nice and not be forced to pay for the ridiculous special menu. But what if you still want to enjoy a nice date with your significant other on VDay? There's a simple solution, for us at least- brunch! Okay, not really because Valentines Day doesn't always fall on a weekend but this year, we got lucky!

Yeah, we totally brunched it up on VDay. Actually, we weren't sure if we wanted to brave the freezing temperatures that weekend, but we managed to actually to put some effort into trying to do something for Valentines Day. We both knew that if we were to go out, it would definitely be brunch (because duh..). We decided to go to Cafe Orlin because it's been a while since we last ate there- according to my FB, it's been 4 years since we last visited. Cafe Orlin is a NYC staple and it's been part of our lives since college. It was where I cured my college days hang overs after an evening of mayhem at St. Mark's.

Unlike most restaurants that specializes in brunch, Cafe Orlin opens early (at 8 a.m). We figured that we'd head out there before 11 in the morning to avoid a long wait. We got there at approximately 10:20 a.m. Being that it was still morning (on a Sunday), I had to wait until after noon to order my cocktail (in NYC, there's a really obnoxious law that prohibits us from buying any form of alcohol before 12 noon on Sundays). Michael had the Norwegian Eggs Benedict and cappuccino. I had the Smoked Salmon with Potato Cake and an organic chai latte. It was all quite delicious- we never leave Cafe Orlin disappointed!