Brewsday: Dogfish Head Olde School (1 year old edition!)

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery- Olde Scool (2014) 15.04% ABV

Dogfish Olde School 2014

A long time ago I came across a 4 pack of Dogfish Head Olde School. I was already a fan of the brewery which resulted in immediate curiosity. The green bottle cap indicated that it was very high in alcohol. My experience with the green tops was limited at this point. I have purchased and enjoyed bottles of Dogfish 120 and World Wide Stout before but I usually drank those quickly due to impatience. The label promised figs and dates. I was beginning to develop my love for Quads so the fruity aspect was something I very much desired in a beer. The beer also featured clever directions upon its label which read

Open bottle, pour contents into two snifters. Enjoy. Or: Walk hand-in-neck into the middle of the woods , Use a shovel to dig a 2 X 2 hole three feet deep. Seal the bottle in a plastic bag. Place in hole and seal with dirt. Memorize location & leave. Return exactly one year later. Dig up bottle, open & enjoy.

I was aware that certain beers could be aged but at this time I never drank an aged beer. After a quick powwow with the wonderful /R/BEER community I was able to hide the beer in the darkest corners of my bedroom closet where it remained for a whole year. I did drink one of the four in order to create a base for the aging process. If you are curious and enjoy reading through our back catalog please click the sentence you are reading now.

During late November I was anticipating a harsh winter so I searched my closet for my scarves and gloves. During this process I came across 4 beers that were stashed away. Why four? you may ask, well I'm also aging a bottle of Raison D'Extra. I guess I caught the bug. The discovery of these bottles that I had forgotten about was near perfect timing. It was during November that I first enjoyed Olde School. My original review commented mostly on the heavy alcohol taste that nearly masked all other elements of the beer. Would a year make a difference? Read on to find out!

Appearance: To my surprise the beer pours a cloudy honey brown. There was a thin head that faded almost instantly. I'm not certain if the cloudiness was a result of the aging process but it wasn't pleasant on the eyes. I've home brewed beer with more clarity than this. Clarity is an odd thing to base a beer off of. Some cloudy beers have a lot of yeast character. As long as I don't notice any infections of floating rat pieces; I assume I'm in good hands. 3.75

Aroma: The scent of beer is obviously linked to the taste and is a much better way to ascertain the quality of the beverage. In this case I was able to smell a very sweet malty flavor. The hops might as well not be there. Thankfully the beer was fruity with the scent of dates and figs really coming through. 4.5

Taste: Amazing!! I was very pleased with this beer. There was a big improvement from last year. The alcohol burn that previously dominated the beer had mellowed. The beer is much fruitier and sweeter which fits the aforementioned aroma. There isn't really an after taste unless you count a reinforcement of the actual taste which is very delicious. 4.80

Mouthfeel: The beer had become thicker. The carbonation was light but the malty and sweet character made it sticky. The beer stays with you between sips. The light alcohol burn leads to slower sips which is okay since the strong flavors remain between sips. 4.80

Overall: So freaking good! I enjoyed the first one in 2014 but the one year old version is amazing. The fruits really take the lead. The fruitiness was similar to Belgian Quads. I am very excited for 2016.