Local Eats: Pops Diner

Yes, we are guilty- we've been living in Queens all this time and have not stepped foot in this old school local diner until very recently. Why is that? Isn't it obvious? We love brunch. We got to have brunch. We prefer brunch over traditional breakfast fare. That's the truth. With that said, I made it a point to check out Pops Diner because it seemed that I was the only one who hasn't [Yeah, it's quite silly but I suffer from "But-everyone-has-eaten-there-but-me" complex]. So, over the weekend, Michael and I went there for breakfast.

The first thing I noticed was how tiny this place looks from the outside. I actually double guessed if we had passed it or not when we were looking for it. It is quite a tight space once you get inside. There was a tall bald guy behind the counter who warmly greeted us and let us know how long we had to wait and where we could sit down. The interior definitely oozes with an old time-y vibe: everything looks like an Instagram filter.

It was quite refreshing to see such low prices- nothing on their breakfast menu cost more than $13. I was pretty hungry that day so I went for the 2 Eggs with Sausage and I opted for fries instead of home fries. Michael had the Chicken Salad Sandwich. My entree came with buttered toast which I appreciated (I was really hungry). We were both satisfied with what we ate. 

Pops Diner is a what you see is what you get kind of establishment. It's simple but comforting. You know that when you eat here, your belly will appreciate it and you'll want to take a nap after.