Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival Returns To Brooklyn With Local Craft Beer

Greetings reader, are you an adult over the age of 21? Do you enjoy drinking the alcoholic beverage known as beer? Do you know how to travel to Brooklyn from your current location? Are you free on September 20th 2015? If you answered "yes" then you should know that the Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival is coming back to Brooklyn for its 2nd year. We were super duper lucky enough to attend last year and you can read our past coverage to see why it was so much fun.

As the name implies, the BKLCBF (okay so it doesn't lend itself to abbreviations) features beers from New York only. Where else can you pay tribute to this great state, support local businesses and drink beer? Now I see you reader, you are sitting there getting excited but then you are worrying about cost. "Unlimited beer pours?" you say, perhaps you've been to other beer festivals and a heavy price tag will never beat the luxury of drinking one beer at home. Well good news reader! A ticket will only set you back $48. Perhaps that's still not enough to get you going. Consider this wonderful tidbit, the event is from 12pm-6pm. That's not two separate sessions. That's SIX hours of unlimited beer for under $50.

Now you are excited, but still you sit there wondering to yourself "What breweries?" A complete list of breweries can be found here. I'm personally excited to sample beers from Finback because I can't seem to get myself over to Glendale to visit their brewery. I'm also interested in seeing what Strong Rope, a new Brooklyn based brewery has to offer. Naturally, they don't have every single New York brewery serving samples but their list is still rather impressive. If you don't see your favorite brewery listed, then please have them Contact the event organizers so they can be there for year three.

All that drinking sure makes you hungry. What will you eat? There will be food vendors on site waiting to feed you. I should mention that food is not included in your ticket price. Bring money or eat prior. You cannot bring outside food so either do a double brunch or just carry some cash. As of right now the food vendors haven't been listed. Once updated, the list can be found here. That list also includes the vendors from 2014 which might give you an idea of what to expect.

Let us review. Local Craft Beer. Affordable ticket price. 6 hours. September 20th. Brooklyn Local will be held at 420 Carroll St. in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, a short walk from the F, G, and R trains. Feel free to utilize our comments section to share what breweries and beers you hope to sample.

Click this long stream of words for an interview with event organizer and president of the Five Borough Beer Corp Archibald Rowan