Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival: The Sequel

  September 20th was the 2nd annual   Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival. While year one was a lot of fun, I was excited to see how the organizers improved the event. One major improvement was moving the event to the warmer and still summer September 20th. Year one occurred on a rather breezy October. This was most beneficial considering the fact that this is an outdoor event. Another improvement was souvenir tasting glasses instead of the disposable plastic cups of last year. Otherwise the event remained consistent and offered a variety of N.Y. breweries in one location thus saving me time from seeking out tap lists and directions to breweries. 

Attendees were given a tasting glass, a beer list   and small pencil. The idea was to mark down each beer as you taste it and then write tasting notes. The event lasted for six hours which would provide even a novice beer critic ample time to form a concrete opinion. There were food vendors on site to keep our bellies full. Part of me wants more vendors next year but I fear that it would take away from brewery space.

The venue was very spacious and had a set up of picnic tables. For year three they should consider an umbrella to block the sun. There was little to no shade in the vast open lot. Some breweries were also selling merchandise and those that didn't seemed to really regret that decision so expect more of that next year.