Bourbon Street in Bayside, Queens Opens Up Its New Rooftop Bar

Bourbon Street has been a staple on Bell Blvd. for years now and there is a lot of anticipation for their new rooftop bar. Well, Bayside folks can finally enjoy a drink or two at their newly built rooftop space beginning tomorrow, August 12th at 4p.m. Bourbon Street owner Mark Boccia reached out to us on Monday morning and extended an invitation for a press preview (which we happily accepted).

We had been to Bourbon Street a few times for brunch so we were curious to check out their new rooftop bar. I'm not sure if the elevator will be ready by tomorrow (there is one) but yesterday, it was still being worked on so we had to take the stairs. If you don't mind the work out, then good for you because I think there are four flights of stairs to reach the top. That said, the space is fantastic! Guests can enjoy fresh air, grub and drinks in the 2,500 square ft. outdoor bar. There are cocktail tables, dining tables and lounge seating available. The bar also boasts plenty of seats. It has a very similar feel to a beer garden, particularly Studio Square (it's uber trendy but sporty). I can totally see this place being packed on weekends (and Thursday nights.. is that still ladies night?).

Bourbon Street also tweaked a few things on their menu. We were lucky enough to sample all of their cocktails. Although, I think that they're all quite good, I highly recommend the Rooftop Sunset (Stoli blueberir lemonade and pomegranate juice served over ice) and their Squared Fruit (Finlandia grapefruit vodka and grapefruit beer served over ice in a pint glass). I was also able to try a few of their new dishes but out of everything that I tried, the pizza and quesadilla stood out. Their pizza is hands down the freshest I've had on Bell Blvd. The quesadilla isn't your typical Mexican fare- it has feta cheese! At first bite, I wasn't sure if I liked it but it really grew on me the more bites I took.

Since I didn't really get to try all of the new items on the menu, I'm actually interested in going back. I'm really curious what they've done with the menu. The only concern I have is that I hope they don't lose sight of their signature dishes- it's called Bourbon Street after all. I hope to continue seeing New Orleans influences in the dishes they introduce. With that said, I think that their new rooftop bar is worth a visit.