Local Eats: Madera Cuban Grill in LIC

Continuing our al fresco dining adventures, we recently dined at Madera Cuban Grill in LIC (Long Island City). The restaurant is located on Vernon Blvd. along dozens of amazing culinary establishments. We always pass by this place and we're always a bit curious but never get a chance to check it out until now. We were actually in the mood for seafood and after we took a look at their menu, we decided to finally try their food.

We went there on the same day that Rockaway Brewery celebrated their can release. We intended to get something from Dale and Hill as well so I didn't want to get a big meal. I chose to try their coconut shrimp from the appetizer section. Now, this particular dish costs $13 so I expected that it would be a decent portion but when it arrived to our table, I was disappointed to see four (not even jumbo size) pieces of shrimp. On the brighter side, I really liked the waiter's recommendation for the classic mojito (I had inquired about which flavor is the best). I also really like the beef empanada, which could have passed for a chilli empanada.

If anything, I highly recommend grabbing drinks here and getting a spot outside because of its prime location, the Queens Borough Bridge acts as your background.