Local Eats: Presso Coffee in Flushing, Queens

The day I found out about Presso Coffee (browsing through Instagram), I was filled with excitement. The photos looked amazing and what they offer sounded really rare and special for Flushing. Since learning about this new joint, I had been eager to check it out. I am so happy to finally have visited the recently opened cafe. In fact, we had been there at least 6 times in last 3 weeks.

Before I go into details about this place, I'd like to inform you that I am a coffee lover. I have been drinking coffee on a daily basis since I started high school. I prefer to drink it with half and half and a bit of sugar, but I can also drink it black. I can probably avoid caffeinated beverages if necessary, but I need to have coffee in the morning. I am known to be really grouchy if I don't get my daily dose of coffee. 

With that said, I love that Flushing now has a legit cafe that isn't Starbucks or Tous Les Jour! Folks in Western Queens won't understand the struggle in the mornings when your only options are Dunkin Donuts, 7eleven and a Starbucks (if it isn't out of your way). Some of you will say "What about the deli?," well, I don't like to get my coffee at delis. I like a lot of options rather than the standard decaf or regular. That's why I really appreciate Presso Coffee.

The first time we went to Presso Coffee, I got myself an iced maple latte. How could I not? You never see something like that in Flushing! I loved it so much that I have been getting it every single time. I'm not quite ready to start trying the other flavors on their menu (although they all sound really good!). So far, I've also tried these signature sandwiches: Caprese (mozarella, basil, tomato with pesto and mayo, served in focaccia bread), Honey Ham (ham with pickled onion, muenster cheese and cilantro mayo, in baguette bread) and Ultimate Pork Belly (braised pork belly with homemade slaw, served in a brioche bun). While I absolutely love all of the ones I tried, I recommend the Ultimate Pork Belly sandwich for first timers. YOU MUST! It tastes just like siopao! It is SO good! I cannot justify just how ridiculously amazing this sandwich is with words so you will just have to go there and taste it yourself.

I am a huge Presso fan already and I am over the moon for this establishment in Flushing. I hope that more places like this (aesthetic and quality= A) pop up in our neck of the woods!