Local Eats: Aperitif Bistro & Lounge in Bayside, Queens

In the 2000s, Bell Blvd. was known to be home to interesting characters of Long Island and Eastern Queens. College kids would flood the Blvd. hoping to get into any bar that didn't check I.D.s. Bars would play pretend and blast club music and charge admission fees. It was a pretty pathetic scene. However, I have been to the area on a weekend and it seems that Bell Blvd. is a pretty chill place as of late. I mean, yes, there's still a party vibe on Friday and Saturday nights but it's much less obnoxious. Last weekend, Michael and I spotted a new restaurant on Bell Blvd. called Aperitif Bistro & Lounge (where Erawan used to be) and we were quite intrigued. We decided to take a look at their brunch menu. I appreciate that they have a section just for brunch on their site. Not a lot of restaurants in Bayside are brunch-friendly (Is that a thing? I don't know). I love that they have a great brunch menu and offer classic brunch cocktails as well.

What lured us to check out Aperitif was the clean and contemporary exterior. The brick and mortar has floor to ceiling windows and features beautiful interior design and decor. There is nothing like it on Bell Blvd.- I swear it on your cat's 9 lives! Now, let's talk about the food. The food is good- satisfying. I tried the Lobster Roll which was served on a bun roll, not the traditional roll it comes in. Was I a bit disappointed? A little, I'm not going to lie but I think I was more disappointed that the lobster roll wasn't jam packed with lobster. I also ordered the passion fruit bellini and it was fantastic! Michael tried their Madame Canard with duck and it was "delightful" (his words). They also have a well structured craft beer menu. There's something for everyone. This isn't to say that they have a vast selection but their offerings are enough to meet your hop cravings.

I'm really glad that I got to try this new restaurant. Overall, my experience was a great one. I'm definitely coming back.