Local Eats: Tacoway Beach

As I previously mentioned, I am all about the al fresco dining when the weather gets warmer. During the summer, I actually want to only dine at restaurants with some sort of outdoor seating. I also happen to love the beach and unfortunately, I did never had a chance to check out Rockaway Tacos. I only found out about it last year and when I did go to the beach last summer, I was either full from the snacks I brought with me or I didn't have cash on me.

I was pretty bummed when I heard the news of Rockaway Tacos closing. It was such a blow because it was also the same day the fire knocked down Pomme Frites. Eventually, that same day, I found out that Rockaway Tacos was only technically closing- the business/ brand itself had reached termination but the tacos will be relocating to Rockaway Beach Surf Club. I was beyond excited when I could finally try some of the famous fish tacos.

When I went there the first time (Memorial Day), I ordered two chorizo tacos and a fish taco. I liked both but the fish tacos were so good! I'm always on the fence about places like this because sometimes, it's just over-hyped but Tacoway Beach's fish tacos are rightfully delicious. I also really liked the watermelon juice but I have a feeling that they water it down a bit. Michael tried the coconut with a shot of rum but little did he know, the coconut was not as cold as it could've been. We also shared the platanos chips with guac which was okay (I'm not sure if they meant to go for crunchy or soggy?). The second time we went there (over the weekend), I only had the fish tacos and the watermelon juice. I've been eying the elote and the next time we go, I'll definitely get that as well.

This is definitely going to be our annual beach spot from now on.