Local Eats: Java Day Cafe

Queens has recently been on the forefront of hipster boom (If that's even a thing) but all of the cool restaurants are clustered more in the western part of the borough. For a really great weekend brunch, it's quite difficult to find something west of Jackson Heights. Luckily, I found a local joint that serves breakfast/brunch dishes that goes beyond the diner feel. Java Day Cafe caught my eye after seeing their "Western Omelet + Coffee/Tea $3.99" banner. I had no idea that they have a bunch of other breakfast/lunch goodies.

The space itself is quaint yet very inviting- it's the kind of coffee shop where one would spend hours just enjoying their beverage and people watch. I love their soundtrack as well: it's either old school R&B or laid-back contemporary music like Jack Johnson, Ed Sheeran and Nora Jones. For a small, family-operated business, they have a great menu selection: from bagels to breakfast sandwiches to wraps to waffles and a variety of caffeinated drinks (hot and iced- they even have smoothies!).

What makes this place different from all of the other restaurants in the area (or at least, the ones I've been to) is that Diana (the owner) is very hands-on with her coffee shop. She's a barista, she tends the register, the calls and when she can, she picks up after guests as well. I love that she's always experimenting with menu items. I also love that their ingredients are fresh and they prepare/cook per order.

I'm so glad I found this place. It's really a hidden gem in Flushing.